Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dear Marc

Dear Marc,

I hope you are fine and doing really well with your students. I'm very sorry about "losing" the blog you created last year. We tried to get it back, but, apparently, once you delete an e-mail account, everything else connected to it is lost too.

This year we are all working very hard. We are focusing especially on writing skills. We have a portfolio with all the unit writing tasks and we work the structure of different text types and the different stages of the writing process. I think it's a positive experience, and really useful for the students. I think they are learning a lot and their texts are getting better.

Now it's end of term and we are all very busy, the students preparing for exams and the teachers with a huge pile of files, portfolios and exams to correct. Life's hard!! ;)

Well, I have to leave you now. Do tell us how you're doing.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



  1. Dear Marc,

    Hi Marc, I hope you're great with your work and you have a great time in your day to day. The truth is that we miss so much; we all remember you and what you taught always carry with us.

    This year we are focusing more on writing, the teacher gives us a portfolio of three themes and in each theme we have to write something like a letter, an email, an opinion article… The last thing we did was a letter, and the truth is I remembered when you taught us the structures of it, because with your taught I could complete an exercise.

    In my opinion, everything else is going well, this week we have the PRE and the truth is that we all go a little stressed, but on Friday, when we expose in court, everything will return to the normality Will return the works of ten pages, easy testing and impossible exams, sleepless nights doing homework and trainee teachers running throw the building. What memories of when you were doing the same...

    Thank you for all,

    Ana San Paulino

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  3. Hi Marc!

    How are you?
    This year we're writing a lot. We are working really hard, and we have lots of homework and exams. We have just finished the second term but teachers don't let us rest a moment. For example, I'm writing to you now, at eleven p.m. because I don't have time for everything. Also, we're doing "PRE" next week, and we're all stressed.

    With regard to english, I think we have improved greatly since you came... well, just a little. However, we still have much to learn.
    Will you visit us some day? Classes with you were funny, and they were different and useful. Although I hardly recognize, sometimes we miss you a little.

    By the way , I want you to know that if your classes were all so quiet was because you were a new and young teacher, and we had compassion. I say this just in case you thought the silence was because we were interested in what you were saying... ;)

    Looking forward to hear from you,


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  5. Hey Marc,

    How are you? I hope you're fine. We are all doing the PRE and we are really stressed, even we can't take a break! English classes have improved since your visit, we are better now and we know more lessons and contents. However, the truth is that there is still some difficulties we try to solve day by day.

    When you came you helped us so much, I didn't have any idea about the number of connectors I know right now. I learnt how to structure and create a good text and it still helps me daily. We write a lot in class and we have got our own writing portfolio where we redact our best. We try to improve ourselves everyday because personally I feel the passion and love in this language even more.

    You were a great teacher so we miss you a bit. I am thankful for the time you spent with us, our mistakes and our occurrences. I swear I would like to know how you're doing, I dream everything is okay.

    I have to leave now, we are too busy with the PRE and we haven't so much time.

    Lots of love,

  6. Hi Marc,
    How are you? I hope all is going well. We miss you and I want you to know I learned a lot with you. Although we still have much to learn, last year we learned things very useful, that always we use as connectors, ...

    Last year we learned many things you especially orally, to learn to express ourselves better, however this year we're focusing much on writing. In each theme we do, we must write a draffting. In each unit the topic of the wording is different, we have letters, emails, columns of opinion ... I all these writings we have continued to put into practice everything learned last year.

    I think everything is going well, but sometimes we get stressed a bit. During these days we have been doing the PRE. The truth is it's a very entertaining work with a team, that keeps us busy long. This is the reason why I couldn't write you before. Now I've finished and we have already exhibited the work, everything is back to normal and seems strange to me, back doing things that made a week ago. Since the week of PRE is intense.

    We miss you and hope to see you again someday.

    Thanks and wish you well,

  7. Hi Marc!

    How are you? I hope you're fine. I'm busy and a little stressed because now we are on the 3rd term and I have to do a lot of homework and study hard because I don't want to fail any subject.

    I remember when you were here teaching us. I learned a lot of useful things and I had a good time, your classes were so funny. I think you're an excellent English teacher! I hope you can visit us someday because we miss you.

    I have to leave now because I have to do the English homework.

    Looking forward to hear from you,

  8. Hi Marc!

    How are you? I hope you are fine. In here we are very well, but a little stressed because we are near to have finished the ESO and start a new stage. And soon we aree going to decide what we are going to do in the future.

    Sometimes I remember when you were teaching us.We miss your english classes a lot. Together we spent very good time and it was so funny too. I hope you can visit us someday.

    I have to leave now, I'm very bussy because I have a lot of homeworks to do.

    I wish you good luck in your life.

  9. Hi Mark!
    How are you? I hope everything is going well. This 4th ESO is being very intense because we have a lot more homework and exams. Now we just need the final step, the last quarter.

    This year with Olga, we are trying more the issue of writing doing a lot of texts and the truth is that we are moving ever more. That is, partly, for your help. Your classes were different but at the same time practical, and have been very useful to learn. Every day I realize more how important is this language and how much I love it.

    I hope you come visit us one day, we miss you a little! (Only for sweets you give us lol, just kidding!) Thanks for everything,


  10. Hi Marc!
    How are you? I hope that you're enjoying your work or what you are doing now. We haven't forgotten you, especially when we have to do the “Writing Portfolio” on account of your classes we practice a lot our writing skills.

    I think that all of us improved our writing, now we use connectors with more frequency and we try to use it correctly. Also, I reckon that you helped us to improve our way of express orally. However, we still have to learn a lot of things! 

    Here, everything is fine. The last week we did the PRE, so we were really busy. Even so we overcome this stressful week. This year we have a lot of homework, exams... But we're working hard! Well Marc, I have to say goodbye.

    Best regards,


  11. Hi Marc!

    I know that you probably don't remember me, but Im an studient of high school Príncep de Viana. How are you? Things are go well?I hope that yes. There things are going well, normaly.

    Now just finish the PRE.This is an important workgroup, that counts for the final grade. Lasts a whole week, where we work six hours of class in this work. But now we must return to the routine. With Olga, the teacher, we are studying the fashion, the active and passive. It doesn't seem very dificult, but there are much vocabulary learn yet. So I put the batteries.

    I hope you have time to visit us someday. It would be fun. We wait you. And thanks.


  12. Hi Marc!

    How are you in your actual school? I hope well, because you are a very good English teacher! As you know, we learned a lot of you and now all the lessons that you taught us are very useful, because in this course we are working more about writing.

    We are so busy because this is the last term and nobody wants to lower their marks. Even so we have some free time for write here.

    We are happy to hear from you, but you should come to see us one day!
    Hope to see you soon,

  13. Hey Marc, I suppose you’re good, happy, and everything is going well for you. I’m Pau, the boy who sits next to Marco. After hard-working weeks now I’m not doing anything, so I’m happy. My marks are good and I’m playing rugby, my life is repetitive and boring, so I’m fine.
    I don’t know if you are now working on a school or studying, but I’m sure that you’re doing it well. I’m sorry about the loss of the blog, Olga explained to us that you lose the school mail and all the work was wasted.
    Regard to you and Maria.

  14. Hey!

    How are you doing? I am very happy to read your writings! Thanks a lot!

    Yes, unfortunately, our blog disappeared! I tried my best to get it back, but it seems impossible, so I finally gave in. I am sure you made the most out of it and both you and I learnt a lot about writing and about English.

    I am working full time in a High School in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat. It is not a state school as yours, but a private High School. I am teaching English from 1st of ESO to 4th of ESO and I also teach French from 5è of Primària to 4th of ESO. At the beginning it was very difficult, because everything was new: I didn't know the other teachers, I had to learn a lot of names, I had to get used to the new students. To be honest, from September to December it was quite hard. Once I got used to all these aspects, I felt more at ease and I started enjoying my job.

    We have finished this week all the midterm exams and some students did pretty well and some others have to revise and start working hard because the course is coming to an end. I hope you all take 4th of ESO seriously and get a mark which allows you to do whatever you have in mind.

    Finally, regarding Tania's question, I have to say that I do remember all of you. While I was reading your names on the comments, all your faces were coming up to my mind: Ana, Carlota, Judith, Adriana, Andrea, Júlia, Esther, Jessica, Tania, Íngrid, Pau... If I have the time in June, I will schedule a visit with Olga and I will come to see you. I will consider taking you some candies (Esther, I know you loved them!).

    I hope you have a fantastic course and you work hard so as to achieve all your goals. I also miss you!

    All the very best,


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  16. Hi Marc!

    How's everything going? I hope you're well. As my teammates say, this year is being a little more complicated than the previous, we're working more both in English as in the others subjects, doing a lot of homework, exams and other works such as PRE, that we did it last week.

    Sometimes I remember when you were here, giving us those funny, original classes. As you can see, whole class remembers you; I think you could visit us someday.

    I just read your comment, and I'm glad you're well. See you soon,


  17. Hi Mark,

    Finally! Today we have finished our PRE (Pre Treball de Recerca) and we are free!
    It's been hard and stressful, but now it's past!

    How are you doing? I hope you're keeping well.

    I'm sorry for the blog. It was a different thing to do at school and the start of a new routine. Now we are writing a lot. And we are also practising the different text types which will be good for our future work.

    I hope you tell Olga the great student that I am ;P
    LOL (Laughting Out Loud)
    Hope to see you soon,

  18. Hi Marc It's been awhile since you left our school, I hope your life is going well and you have found the job you wanted or that you are getting good grades in what you study. We are already in 4t, this is our last year in the ESO and we have a lot of work and difficult exams to do.
    Maybe we meet again someday, see you soon.
    Laura :)

  19. Dear Marc,

    How are you? I hope that you have been very nice these days. I´m write to say you that we really miss you, In the days that you were with us, I learned many new things.

    Now I am in 4ESO, this school year seems to me to be much more difficult than the past, also we continue doing drafts in a porfolio that Olga gives us. This year we have done the PRE and the truth I have done good my final note has been 9. Also we have done many excursions and in the end of the school year we’ll go 4 days to a hotel of 4 stars in Valencia

    And you? how have you been this time? waht you've done? I would like that you were returning some day to visit us.

    See you soon