Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Improve??? Yes, you can!

Sometimes we tend to think that there is no room for improvement, and we feel at a dead end. We do the homework, try to study ... and nothing happens; our results are not what we expected.

I am sure that if we take the time to think about it, we will find some aspects that can be improved just by making an effort and changing 'bad' habits or routines. So, that's the question: what can we do to improve?

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  2. *Negative part:
    I know when I started was great, but in medium of first term , I changed because I relaxed, and now I'm not happy with my marks. I'm so sorry and be disgusting.
    *Positive part:
    I'm really exiting with my marks in oral test. I studiyed and this is my marks: 9/10 in oral test. I think the oral test was more easy, you know? because I only describe my generation and this is easy.

  3. I think everyone if we put on our side we can improve in English, everything is will. To want to improve one of wanting to do it in truth and work hard.
    I think that if you hard you should get a tutor will help you to understand things better.
    Always in class, you have to try to solve all your doubts.
    Homework always help since practices that are taking place in that topic.
    Also very important part is the attitude you have in class. In class you can always distracted with anything but as be attentive because if you are not attentive in class, even one you lose and you will not understand anything.
    Finally I'd like to say that I think improve is only striving

    Albert Perez Rodrigo 4B.

  4. The downside of this quarter has been the virtusbooks basically because I finished it and it aggravates my quarterly note, sometimes I also began to talk with peers in class and that distracted me, second positive thing is that the quarter noticing the previous course of time this year going pretty well since last year suspended the exams and did not participate in class.
    Finally I would like to say that I hope to be like all the rest of course, to approve or improve English in this course.

    Jenli Méndez Pérez 4B

  5. I'm happy of the this quarter because i miss the virtusbook, and i have been attentive in the class but although in some class not. For the next quarter i have more study in the exams because for me it is more loose than i have in the English.
    For all other truth is that I liked the way of explaining.

    Victor Garcia Casanovas 4A

  6. I'm usually attentive in class but there are things to improve in english as, work more the virtusbook. Other things to improve is the participate more in class, study more the vocabulary and study more for exams. Improve the exams oral, practice more english.
    I hope to improve en the course.

    Evelyn Lazo Chango 4t ESO B

  7. I try most of the time to pay atention but there is something that distract me. I'm very happy with the grade that I have I my virtusbook, I have tried to do it the best as I can. One of my goals for the next term is study more for my tests. Always when have to do my test I fogert the things that I have studied. Finally I want to pass the year.

    Gabriela Rodríguez 4t ESO B

  8. I have to improve some things in English class, as do the digital book, but I know I have a good level of pronunciation of the language. In the future I would like to talk much more and better. I think I'm pretty well.

  9. this qurter at first could not make the workbook but then:
    -I started to pay more attention
    -I have been silent
    -I worked more
    Things that i can improve:
    -could improve in-class behavior
    -I can work more
    -I can participant in the class

  10. All of our group costs us much English and I think we should all be more careful taking the class, not like everyone does what he wants.
    Would like to have an after-school English teacher, because I respect many years of delay in e course I am.
    Golden ask any questions I have no fear of mistakes that could resolve my doubts.
    I have homework that we set for home because if not, there is no doubt that resolves.
    If I'm not attentive in class because I have not had doubts before anything.

  11. I think that all can improve personal things to leave class better.
    The personal things I should change are:
    -Do homework every day.
    -Do not miss class.
    -Study more vocabulary.

    Noemí Ruesga 4B

  12. - Listen carefully in class.
    - Finish one's homework carefully.
    - Extracurricular English learning.
    - We should read English books, watch English movies and listen English songs often.
    - If we don't understand homework, we can ask the teacher or refer to the dictionary.

  13. The state and not all evil in this assessment but to improve the work at home and in school either virtus books or from activities from the book. As a group we are ok but we need to improve depends on the attitude of the day as there are some days that we have not been able to do a lot of class.