Friday, 14 February 2014

Let's go digital ... or not?

We are living in an age where absolutely everything is or can be done digitally. Our world has become a digital world: television channels, mobile phones, books, music, films ... they are all digital.
This is not a problem in itself as digital gadgets make life more comfortable for us in many ways. The problem is the use we make of them or how "hooked" we are, for example, with facebook or whatsapp. I think whatsapp is a great invention which allows you to communicate easily and fast; it replaces a telephone call and serves a purpose. However some people spend hours and hours with this app. They make groups, they send photographs, jokes, proverbs, links... It is not only communication here, but also a way of spending time, of getting "entertainment". And that's where I get doubts.

What do you think? Have your say!!


  1. I think that gadgets like facebook or whatsapp are cool inventions, useful and comfortable. And in my experience, this tipe of gadgets aren't a problem, but some people are really obsessive and spend a lot of time chatting and joining stupid games. I've friends who are all day chatting with friends in whatsapp, and don't talk with the person who is with them in the moment. I'm not addicted to the gadgets and internet, but I recognize that I spend time in whatsapp and facebook. I only use the internet to search information, download music or films and chat with friends. I never play games online.
    From what I've seen, the internet and gadgets are more addictive than TV, because you can have internet everywhere, in your mobile phone or your laptop, but you can only watch TV at home.

  2. I think facebook, whatsapp, among other things, are applications that help us in many ways. Allow us to send things and talk to peolpe that maybe are far from us. Plus it is a quick and easy way. But still this has one part negative, although my not affect me, more and more peolpe become addicted to these things. I recognize that I use facebook and whatsapp, but in a controlled way. There are peolpe who spend too much time with these applications and when you talk to them as if there is one. The same goes for online games, the truth is that I do not play online, only occasionally with some games that I have in my phone, but there are people who spend hours playing games at the end of the day teach nothing, all you do is engage people, who are mostly teenagers.
    Everytime internet and gadgets are more addictive and you most learn to control.

  3. I think these apps are useful to talk to people and find information, but it is not good to use them all the time. We are in a world full of technology and still more will use when take several years. Personally, I don't use WhatsApp, I prefer play video games or chat for facebook and I admit that I'm hooked. Some people have serious problems with internet, because we do not know how to relate to other people.

  4. I think social networks like facebook , twitter and Instagram can become very addictive . On one side are fine because you can always be connected and in touch with your friends and share moments , but there are people who make a bad use of social networks and can cause serious social problems and also found out things that you can do not know you wanted . Then there is the WhatsApp , which is alre a way to communicate . Before it was free but now starting to pay it . And as others have gone online and snapchat Telegram that are not used as much as whatsapp or facebook . Television is fine too can become addictive but not as much as the others because when you're no longer have access to it ( if by phone and computer , but not the same) . I personally am addicted to facebook and do not think it's very healthy.

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    1. I think that applications like Facebook, whatsap . They are very helpful to talk to people who are far away. And some people who have long in these applications . I spent much time in the day glued to these applications . I use the Internet to search information , download music or movies and chat with friends . I never play games online. I think this is a good resource for something yet to influence a person.

  6. If you ask me what i think about the internet, i would tell you that is a good way for many things, for example, meet people from another countries that you couldn't talk with them in person in your routine day. Facebook, Whatsapp...all of these gadgets can get closer to people who are on the other side of the world, or people you see every single day. But, like everything, there are also bad things. Some people, no matter how long they are online, and it becomes an addiction and spoiling your daily life indirectly. Personally, I use the internet a lot. When I look for information for school, or need to talk to my best friend, is the fastest option. I download films and music, because is one of the most important parts of my life. I don't know if I'm addicted, but thanks to the internet, my life is more interesting and amazing people are in it. And all those people, makes me happier than most of those around me. So, I love the internet and I love all those apps I use for a long time.

  7. If I want to tell you about my opinion about Internet It is more likely that I will say you that this "world" can be bad in terms of the writing. Although have access to the internet is a good thing, because it helps us to do the homework and to communicate more quickly with the people. We can talk with people who lives in other countries for learn more lenguages or teach our lenguage to other people. Also we can find love, bet, download a lot of things like music, films, books... If you ask me if I'm addicted I will answer you the thruth: I don't thing so, but Internet is a place where I can relax and laugh with my friends. I like YouTube, I like twitter, I like web books, I like Internet. It can cause a lot of problems but if you can controle Internet, and Internet don't controle you, I thing it can be a help and a place where people can have a lot of fun.

  8. I think that these applications are useful and fun, but if there are people who spend too much time in them or not use them properly,this can become a problem.
    All this makes life easier for many people and would be nice to say that everything digital is bad, because not created to worsen our lives, are the people who do things that are dangerous. Because things are not bad or addictive by themselves.
    I use internet and a lot of applications every day, but I do not consider an addict because I'm not hours and hours in front of a screen also i like to meet with my friends who have to speak for WhatsApp and I never played games online.
    I also admit that the internet is dangerous, so you have to take precautions in social networks. One of the rules is that you should not give information about you, like where you live, how old are you ...If you meet these rules, internet does not have to be a dangerous place for you.

  9. I think these inventions are very useful because they are comfortable and are sent instantly. This is not addictive if done moderately used, because there are people who become obsesives and spend most of the time in these networks and applications. I use the Internet to search for information, enter the email, download music and rarely connect to my social networks. I know many people who use these devices for many hours to chat, send jokes or other messages. This problem could be solved if this substituisin to do other things in real life they like.

  10. Well, in my reckon that gadgets are very helpful and enjoyble because you can use them for search information, communicate faster with friends if you’re far and when you’re boring you can distracted. But at the same time are harmful since if one not check, and spend a lot of time in this or in the Internet, you can obsess and not realize what is happening around you. Even so, in my opinion Internet has a lot of good things, obviously if you controle it. I meet people of other countries with my same interests and that is thanks to the gadgets digitals and the Internet, also I can download music or films and that are cool, and I can share photos or video with friends. In my point of view a lot of people thinks so.
    In conclusion, yes, the Internet is addictive but if you make good use of it, is a great tool.

  11. I think the tecnology, especially applications and websites are very useful. They allow you to communicate, they entertain you, inform you...
    You have to learn to make a good use and use it moderately only when you need it. Althought this is sometimes difficult because you can get addicted and spend more hour than you should, chatting, playing...I think sincerely that I am not addicted, I admit that sometimes I spend too much time with the mobile or the computer, but not exaggeratedly

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  13. I think search movies, music, and information on the internet is very convenient because it provides you with many things. But whats app makes good use if it is very necessary because you can send a message quickly and easily, and also feel good if you're boring and use whats app for facebook or twitter becouse you know things about yourself that maybe you did not know before. But I do not find normal people who are glued to social nets and can not live without them.

  14. Undoubtedly technology today has reached a high level of development and their participation in the daily life of humans is incredible . We spent much of the day usefulI.
    I think that the people we like to use whatsapp and facebook, because are fun and also entertaining.
    In my opinion all social networks make it easier for some people who can not see every day.
    I think internet is also very useful to search information, watch videos on youtube or communicate with family or friends.Internet can also be used to download music, pictures, movies ...I think the gadgets are not a problem if you know use properly without abusing them because there are people who spend a lot of time in chat or in oders thinks.
    Another big technological inventions has been the television, I think it's not as addicted as some social networks although some staff may become a big problem with it.
    people are in constant contact with technological devices and develops, consciously or unconsciously, almost intimate relationship with them. It is apparent that the technology

  15. In my opinion, social networks are useless apps, because if you want to know information about another person you can ask him or if he’s far you can send an email. The social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. are only for gossip and I think they’re useless.
    I think Whatsapp is very useful to sent instant messages but sometimes is very bothersome because if you are in a group with a lot of people is very common that the channel is saturated of messages and spam. Whatsapp is also sometimes funny when people send you jokes and jests.
    The most worry me about the apps are the uses that the telecom company do of my personal information, because you don’t know if a company buy your data o if the government spies your conversations.

  16. Yes, we are living in an age where anything can be done digitally. But I think this is not a problem. Well, it can be a problem if the person who is using, for example, Whatsapp, is hooked to his mobile or spends more time that the needed.
    In my opinion, the gadgets and apps which makes our lives easier; if you need a ticket to travel, you can buy it online. In my mobile I've got five or six apps, and I think I don't hokeed to they.
    But, your viewpoint is not far wrong; the creaters of apps know how to make people like it, and buy it. And sometimes the apps aren't only for communication. This is the cause why people spend more time in entertainment, and not only in communication.

  17. I think you're right, some people itself is very attached to WhatsApp and Facebook but also have many good things. For example, you can quickly and easily talk with people who live far away from you, you can share photos, videos ... I think the social network and applications if used well can be very useful and fun when used with caution and moderation.

  18. In my opinion if the whatsapp entertains you there is nothing wrong, but when you start to stop doing other things for chat on whatsapp then is becoming a real problem.