Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Wild animals vs pets - animal rights?

Many people campaign for animal rights, usually wild animals which may become an endangered species. This is obviously a good thing because the disappearance of a species has an enormous effect on the environment. Have you ever considered what would happen if, for example, bees disappeared from our planet?

But I often wonder about what we do for our pets. Are they less important than other animals, maybe? What makes us decide to have a pet, taking care of him or comforting ourselves? Is it fair to have them in a flat? Living in a city? Are we being a bit selfish? In any case, what are our priorities?

What do you think? Are you a pet lover, ready to defend their rights? Have your say!!


  1. Hey! Well, firstly I have to say yes, I think one time what would happen if bees disappeared from our planet. I went to google to search some information of what would happen if temperature of the atmosphere increase, and I saw a lot of searches of "What would happen if bees dissapear?" and I was very surprised. But later I stop thinking about this.
    Secondly, I don't think that pets are less important than other animals, all the opposite: I think maybe they have to had more help and care, because they are more "weak". We wanna have pets because we want company, and we can help the dogs for example taking they out of a doghouse. The best way to have they isn't in a flat, but if we don't have a bigger flat or any yard there isn't anything to do.
    Perhaps we are a little selfish, but we don't do this by design.

  2. Hello everyone!

    First of all I think that campaigns to help sick animals, or in danger of extinction are very useful. Some people are very irresponsible with animals, since they leave to the street, use them to fighting, experiments and abuse, and this is to be very cruel and a bad person. Before buying a pet, we think if we can take care of it.

    Secondly, I think that circuses are very interesting. I think that if workers take good care of the animals, there is no problem with using them for the world of entertainment.

    Thirdly, I don't think that pets are weak. They are very happy to have someone who love him and care him. We can not know if the animals like to live in apartments, but we always want the best for them. Personally I have had animals in my house and I care very well, and I seem to have been the kings of the house!

  3. Hi!

    First of all I think it is a very good idea that many people campaign for animal rights, usually wild animals which may become an endangered species. I have never thought what would happen if bees or any other wild animal would disappear from our planet. Now that I think, I think it would affect much to the environment.

    I think that no animal is less important than another. People usually choose an animal that can get along with them. It depends on which animal you choose it is fair to have them in a flat or not. It is not a matter of being selfish, it is because there are animals that can live in a flat and they like it, and there are others animals which can not live in flats or cities because they aren't living in good condition there.

  4. Hello!
    Firstly, I think that campaigns that defend the rights of animals are very useful, as there are many people that hurts them or makes experiments with them and that is very unfair and cruel.
    Secondly, I think that pets are no less important than wild animals. I think that having a pet is a good idea for the person and for the pet because the person will have company and the pet will be safe. Sometimes we are a bit selfish having them on a flat, but after all what we want to do is take care of them.

  5. Hi!
    First of all, I think that to create campaigns to help animals is a very useful and effective way and idea. So, people can help and really see how some animals suffer. Everytime there are more animals in dangerous because of people who want to harm.
    Secondly, I think that the animals are free and although some people have animals in their home should not lock. Even the pets need their space and move freely and not be locked or caged.
    And finally, I think that the pets aren't weak. I think the pets need more attention than other animals.
    If you have pets, like dogs, cats, or other animals , is because we want company. Perhaps we are being a little selfidh, but we don't to hurt them, unless otherwise to care for them.

  6. Hi!

    First of all, I think that campaigns for animals rights are very important, especially if they're with endangered species. The ecosystem would jeopardy if some species disappear, being that the other species wouldn't have food, and in the end, this would affects us.
    Secondly, I think that pets are as important as the other animals. Sometimes we are a bit selfish and decide to have a pet for our benefit without thinking in the pet, because we want company. Although after all, we want the best for them. I think that there is nothing wrong with having a pet if you care, you feed him and you have the space or the facilities for that pet.
    Finally, I think that we would must think twice before buying or adopting a pet.

  7. Hi,
    First of all, I think for many people, buying or adopting a pet is often and is unfortunately , like having a new car, a late model mobile etc ... I’m one to think that you have to have a sense of responsibility. They are living things that need looking after, respect them and most importantly , love. The first thing to consider is the space where you live and you're going to share with the animal. A dog, a cat, a bird , they all need some minimum conditions and many people don’t meet , they think that 's enough to feed them or buy the best cage. No, no so! To many people are support of everyday, as guide dogs for the blind or the company of older people who are alone.
    Secondly, just recently I saw the " Trenta minuts" on TV3 a documentary of hunting of dolphins, I seemed scary and they made me think a lot about how important it is to protect animals.
    Finally, i think that all campaigns for animals are few and I think the laws should be tougher against those who mistreat animals.
    The disappearance of species is very important and every time there are more endangered animals.

  8. Hi!
    I totally agree with you because I love pets and I just can’t believe how there are people who are able to hurt them. But abandonment is not the only way people are extinguishing them: pollution produced by industry is another enemy, because for example pollution causes global warming it makes ice from the North Pole thaw, so polar bear and other species from there will be extinguished in a nearly time.
    I’m against those people who think that the best present is a pet for Christmas, without thinking about the consequences when those pets are abandoned in the roads or in the streets at the beginning of the summer, when owner don’t know what to do with them.
    In conclusion, my advice for people who really want a dog or cat (or any pet) is to get it from a dog pound because there are so many pets waiting for you.

  9. Hi everybody!
    Firstly, I think that pets are as important as wild animals, and we have to create campaigns to protect them. I know that many people think that to have a pet is like to have a computer or a toy, and that's a problem. Every year, a lot of dogs and cats are abandonated because their owners don't know what to do with them. And I think that one of the pet rights should be that a pet can't be abandonated.
    Secondly, however, I reckon that there are also people who really love animals and they want a pet to taking care of him. I don't have a pet because I think that animals have to be free but I know that other people don't think the same and I respect his opinion.
    Finally, I want to say that I don't know what would happen if bees disappeared, and I really want to know it. I can't imagine that a little insect could change the world!

  10. First of all, protect the animals is a good and necessary task, but we don’t have to forget that protect the environment is a very necessary campaign too.
    Secondly, we also have to recognise that all the endangered species are endangered because of the humans.
    In my opinion pets aren’t more important than other animals, quite the opposite, they’re less important. This is because if a hamster dies, nothing happens. They’re millions of other hamsters in the world. But if a tiger dies, it’s a great loss for the biodiversity because the tigers are much endangered and there are a few specimens.
    I think that in some countries less developed like in Africa or Asia protect the animals, the environment and the oceans is a hard task because they’re not interested in. It’s a problem here too.

  11. Hi!

    First of all, I think that all kind of animals should be free and live where they want. But, everyone knows that animals have been 'classifieds' on the ones who you have at home and those who haven't got these privilege (or misfortune, who knows). If it has always been on this way, it's because it have to be so. Even if there is only one reason.
    Secondly, I don't think that pets are more important than other animals, but it's true that some people prefer them because probably pets give differents things. So, it depends that you like one or the other of what you look and what they offer.
    Finally, I have to say that doesn't matter which animal be, they are all the same, but just a bit different. So if you treat some of them okay, you should respect the others who are in different conditions. I agree with the people who want that the animals be free, but I also agree with the ones who want company and a new little friend.

  12. Hey!
    First of all, the question about what would be happening if the species disappeared has made me think a lot. I think that the most of our needs have been resolved through animals (like the meal, the clothes, etc.) and if they disappeared, life might be so different than now. The most ironic thing about that, is that a lot of species are endangered for our fault. So if we want to solve this problem we have to realize what we do wrong and stop it.
    Secondly, In my opinion I don’t think that the pets are less important, but if true that maybe we give more attention about wild animal rights. I think that that’s happening because we know that the majority of the pets have a good life (I know that a lot of these pets don’t have a quiet and safe life, some of them live in the streets or they’re abused.) and for this reason we don’t care much for them. And I feel that the other questions about if is fair or not have animals in different places like flats, houses, etc are interesting. In my opinion, animals (wilds and domestics) can adapt and live a different type of life, wild animals can become domestic animals and in reverse. Obviously, that can be so difficult but its possible. And I agree with having pets, I think that they’re a good company and help you to become a responsible person because you have to care for other and that’s a lot of responsibility.
    Perhaps we are selfish with animals and the things that we do with them but I think that humans likes care animals because we are sympathetic with them.

  13. Hi!
    First of all, I thing that if animals aren't accustomed to live domesticated, they will live free. If people continue cageing animals, too many species will disappear.So if someone wants to organize a campaign or something similar to look after the animals I'm going to participate.
    Secondly, pets aren't less important than wild animals considering that before change their life form, pets were wild animals. The only difference is that humans have domesticated this wild animals changing them to our pets. Maybe we look after to wild animals too many times than to our pets, but this thing don't want say that we love less our pets. I can love a lot my dog, but he have a home and protection and too many wild animals haven't got it.
    For finish I want to tell one more thing. Answering to the bees question, I want to say that if bees desapeared, our world aren't going to be our world again. Too many things will change if this happens.

  14. Hi!
    Firt of all, I think that to create campaigns to help animals it's very necessary, becouse there are a lot of many endangered species, and help them would be nice.
    Secondly, I like so much the pets and I'm a defender of animals at home. So, it's true that there are people that have don't suitable animals in home, and this is not good. For example, the people to have a snake at home, this people have a lot of responsibility, becouse it's a dangerous animal. But if you have a cat or a dog is more normal and you have responsablity but not the same responsability that if you have a snake. For another site, I think taht the pets are a good company and help you to don't saty alone.
    This is all.

  15. Hi!
    First of all I like and support all the campaigns about animals because i thing sometimes we are mistreating. For example the poor bull i don't know why bull but one half of spanish people enjoy watching the bulls die. Lukily on spain this costum is baned.

    About the role of animals like pets you can have one or two if you can care of them and only if you really love this incredible animal. On Conclusion you can have animals on house.
    But for the other side someone class of animal have a lot of problems becouse you can buy animals. For example: purebred , this class of dog are sometimes expoded to have a lot of children for later sell them on the market on you can buy them.

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  17. Hello First of all I want to say that the campaigns to save animals and protect them are very nice because they all form a part of the ecosystem and if someone didn't exist many things would change, for example in class we have looking for some information about that would happend if the bees didn't exist and, I very surprised because for a few bees many farmers can remain without work
    Secondly I really like pets because they are a good company and some of them as the dogs can help blind or disabled person, too I think that a pet can be a very good friend. However Some animals like the lizards, the birds, the porks ... they should neither be pets and live in apartments because they don't have the space that they need to live
    Finally in my opinion the persons who have to this type of animals in his house are a bit selfish.

  18. Hi!
    Firstly if the bees disappear the humans we would be in serious danger: if the bees don't pollinate the flowers die and the fruits aren't made...
    Secondly I think that the have a pet is not an animal abuse. Because if you get to walk the dog more than once a day and you take him for a walk to the mountain the dog are happy. But if you don't care the pet and you mistreat him,the pet doesn't feel good and this is an animal abuse. When the pet ,for example the dog lives in the city, you must take him for a walk in the mountain. But is better if the dog lives in the field. In the other hand there are pets, for example cats and hamsters, they can live in the city.
    This is my opinion, Bye.