Monday, 12 May 2014

Are you a bookworm or a movie-lover?

Hello everybody!

It's really hard for me to decide what I prefer, a good book or a good movie, because to me both are equally pleasurable; both are means for an author to tell a story or for you as a reader/viewer to imagine worlds different to your own (sometimes, though, they are not so different!).

Just as I like reading books and I treasure them in my little library, I also love films and I have all of them stored in albums to re-watch on occassion. Just as I re-read some of my books. There are books, as there are films, that will never disappoint you because they hold within a new detail that you hadn't noticed before. I even treat myself with little marathons, sometimes!!

My favourites? Well, I'm a sort of 'all-terrain' reader/viewer as I like different genres. Perhaps my favourites are thrillers, but I also like comedies, historical films or books, fantasy and science fiction. Lately I don't have much time to watch films, but I can't go to sleep if I don't read a few pages at least, no matter how tired I feel.

What about you? Are you a bookworm or a movie-lover?

Have your say!!


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  2. Hello!

    For me it is very easy to choose which one. First of all I must say that I do not like to read books. Do not hate me because I tend to read a lot and I do not concentrate. I like most movies, I have accumulated many home and every week I see a. I enjoy fine one used and time passes very quickly because it entertaining.

    One used books for me and I do heavy stress. I think one side is a good way to write better. I like genres that are as romantic twilight etc. .. Adventure fantastic especially scary. For me they are the most impacts me.

  3. Hi!
    For me is really easy to choose between a good book or a good movie, I choose the movie.
    When I was smaller I loved to read and I spent many hours reading, but, as I was getting older, increasingly I had less time, and I left my passion for books.
    In part, I still thinking that books are better than movies because you get more into the story and you can imagine to your liking how you want to see some things. Moreover, to see a movie, in my opinion, is more fun and it doesn't take so long.
    My favorite movies are from horror, adventure and thriller .

  4. Hello!

    For me it is a little difficult to choose, because I like reading and watching movies. When I read, that gives me knowledge, ideas and time to relax. I have several books stored in drawers or closets when I was little, because I loved to read. Now I do not have much time, but whenever I can, I read books for a while.

    I like the movies too, because you can have a good time with family or friends. View movie gives me entertainment, fun and depends on the film, knowledge or ways of tackling situations. My favorite type of movie are: adventure, fantasy, science fiction and drama.

  5. Hi!
    I consider myself a bookworm and a movie lover, I like both, reading and watching movies.
    In a book I can imagine what the author is telling me as I like, the scenery, the characters... Also, reading learn many interesting things. Watching a movie I also have a great time too, because I don't have to imagine the setting and I just focus on it and I really enjoy the movie.
    I think everyone should watch movies and read because you can learn a lot of interesting things from both and they are really fun.

  6. Hi!

    Firstly, I have to say that I'm a movie-lover. I also like books, but I think that watching movies is easier and faster than reading a book. Although, one advantage of books is that reading the same book, two persons can imagine different the story.
    On the other hand, when I was younger I read more books than now, buy actually I read occasionally. My favourite types of books and films are fantasy, comedy, science fiction, adventure and mystery, and the films I see more are the fantasy and comedy films. The books I usually read are the adventure books.

  7. Hi!!
    I'm definitely a movie-lover. I love seeting in the sofa on the weekend and watching a films as if I'm a long as if I'm with my friends or family. I like a lot of genres like comedy, drama, musical, romance, adventure and horror, but I really hate films about trhiller, western, war and science fiction. I don't specialy like books because I don't read to much, but I have read a few books there I have enjoyed and other books that I decided to read for myself: romantic sagas. Some of them are Twilight saga, songs for Paula...
    In my opinion I think that I prefer movies than books because it's easier to set and watch a moving than to concentrate to read a book.

  8. Hi!
    First of all I have to say that I'm a completly bookworm. I love books and I can't explain why. Maybe is because their pages transpor me an another world or because I thing that if I'm reading a book, the story it can be real and all the problems will disapear and I'm going to be an another person. Always with a solution, always with a final. It doesen't matter if it isn't happy, I only want to have a final. I want to live in another age, in another world. And I don't want to lose the hope that other books,like "The fault in our starts", gives to me.This book shows me that it doesen't matter what will happen because we always are going to have hope.
    I love the smell of their pages, especially if is an old book. That rough sensation when I pass a page, or the feeling that I can't stop to read, because maybe in the next page is going to be an importan thing. It doesen't matter what kind of book it is, or how many pages have, or if it's a bestseller... If he calls me, I take it.
    Finally, I want to say that I like films too and I see a lot of greate films based on great books, but it isn't the same. It's true that there are a lot of magnific films in the world, and my father is a movie-lover so I saw a lot of them, but the love that I have to the books, it's a special love.

  9. Hi!
    First of all I couldn't choose beetween a book and a film. The truth is that I like two things. I love books of all types, but my favourite books are adventure, fantasy and mystery.
    I always think, that a book will explain much better and gives you more details than the film. Also, with book you can imagine the characters, setting, ...
    Moreover, movies show you the images, sounds, ... and sometimes it's easier to understand the story.
    One difference that I think is important when you reading a book, is that attracts you and you like, because as you won't like, get bored and don't you found out anything.
    Sometimes a movie can bring you some memory well as some book and so I think the two things are just as special and important to the lives of people, because with books and films we learn.
    In summary, I think it depends of the person, because there are people who have read a lot and still like them, but other persons opposite, and like movies.

  10. Hello.
    First of all, I love read books and watch films a lot. I like war and historical books and movies. I like war books and films because when you’re reading or watching it, your blood runs cold and it‘s exciting.
    In my opinion there isn't a better thing. But there’s a problem. If you read every day a few minutes before go to bed you can read the entire book in a week, a moth or a year, it depends, but you can’t watch a few minutes of a film every day. By this reason, in my opinion, it’s more practical read a book than watch a film. Also in a book you can image the characters how you want.
    One curious thing is that I can watch a film thousands of times and it remains thrilling but I only can read a book one time.

  11. Hi! First, I love read books and watch films, and it's difficult to me choose one of these. In one point of view, movies are more exciting because you see all special effects, but you can't imagine anything because all the details of some books aren't in the movie. And in the other point you can read the book anywhere and whenever you want, and you can't do it with the movie. Also, in the book you can create your characters as you like.
    I think I like too much both, but I choose books.

  12. Hi!
    For me it's a littel difficult to choose between a book or a movie. I like both.
    I like the books because when you are reading you can imagine the story, and it's amazing.
    And when you are wtaching a film you don't need to imagine anything you only watch and it's amazing too because you don't know whats happened in the film.
    Sometime, I like the book more than the film and anothertimes I like the film more. But not often. Normally I like both equally.
    And this is all.

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  14. Hey!
    Firstly, I have to say that I can't choose if I'm a bookworm or a movie-lover, because for me the two are so exciting.
    In my opinion, these choose depends that the type of genre that you prefer, in my case I like horror, romance, comedy, historical, thriller, drama, and more but if I have to read or see a film of the comedy I have to say that I would see a movie because I think that in a movie this genre is funnier than a book. But if I have to choose a romantic novel or a romantic film, I would have the book because I think that I can imagine the character, the scenes, etc on my own.
    Secondly I was thinking about if I have to choose a novel or the film adaption I will choose the book, because in my opinion is more interesting imagine the history, but in some films like Harry Potter I prefer watching the movie. I think that the motive of this, if because I feel that is that all that I imagine reading the book is reflected in the film.
    In conclusion, I can't decide between a book or a movie, I think that the two are so enjoyable and very amazing. But the truth is that since I was little I liked books more than films, because I think that they've a special thing.

  15. Hi everybody!
    It's easy for me to decide what I prefer. I'm definitely a bookworm. I love books, and I can't imagine my life without them.

    Firstly, books existed before films, so there are more books than films, and it's incredible to read a book which was written by a writer who is died. Books are like the traces of writers. They're a part of them.

    Secondly, I prefer to read books because if you don't see images, if you just read the text, you can imagine the story how you want. Nobody tells you or shows you how things are. Also, there are a lot of different types of books, and it's easy to find one which you like.

    Finally, I want to say that to see films it's really funny and interesting too, but I recommend to everyone to read books. It's an amazing experience. Just read and transport you to another world!

  16. Hi!
    Some say it's better films, some say they are better the books. I personally love read, can imagine, it's fantastic can plunge into the great world of literature and learn different styles and authors. Is an extraordinary experience . Is live what you don't know and dreaming without being there.
    The cinema, conversely, offers you living intensely the interpretations often improve the characters of a book.

    Reading is a fantastic experience like music.
    Read is dreaming awake and I want to keep dreaming.

  17. Hello everybody!
    I'm not considered a bookworm but some weeks I have read, no every days. I like reading is a good way of disconnecting from the world. I love to imagine what happens in the book. I've only seen the movie and I read the book the movie once, but I prefer the book.
    But I'm considered a movie-lover because I love watch films: in the cinema, in a tv, with friends, with my family, or alone. I like so much watch the films with popcorns.
    My favourite film are "Club of the star good". I don't have favourite book, because I think that I have not found my book.
    This is my opinion. Bye.

  18. Hi!
    First of all for me it isn't difficult choose one, I am movie-lover for too much thinks.
    I think read one book it's more boring becouse you must was concentrate and spend a lot of time for read only one book.
    In the time that you have been reading I can see 2 or 3 movies.
    For other side on the movie you can see imatges!!! It is very important for me.
    And my final argument is why people invents movies? My answer is bescouse movies are better!
    If you have any problem you can ask me on the blog.
    See you on Monday!

  19. Hello!
    First of all I want to say that I don't read a lot of books because I don't like reading, but I think that the books are well because they help you to develop the imagination to know new words and to not commit many lacks in spelling but too I think that read a book it's bored.
    Secondly I want to say that the films are better than the books because you can estimate the sounds effects, the visiual effects , the plot and the whole development without need to strengthen to your imagination, too i like whatching films with my friends and family.
    Finally I wants to say that the films are more entertained, this is my opinon.

  20. Hello!!
    First of all, i want to say that i'm a movie-lover. I also like reading books but sometimes it's boaring. Now i'm going to explain that why i love more watch movies than reading a book. Firstly, I like to travel in diferent worlds it means when i watch a movie meanwhile its like i'm also there, it's a great imagination but when i'm reading a book meanwhile i'm also imagining but its don't like real life. Secondly, When i'm watching a movie, even biganning that movie isn't interesting but i would like to finish that because i'm very curious about ending of that movie cause it's might be interesting but if there is a book i'm reading which have a boaring biganning i won't read more cause i don't have a lot patience to finish that because in these matter i'm really inpatience person. Thirdly, now in these days, there is a lot of tecnology in cinema like 3D which used to make movies in reality, its really exciting. At last, there is a lot of books which i like a lot for exm: king lear, Harry potter, Twilight but now this books are being convert in movies so, in my opinion, if these interesting books i will find in movies why i will read with patience and spending my valuable time if i can watch them in 3D tecnology and that is much more exciting and there is also diference between them with plots, sound effects, visual effects etc. which doesn't have one book. So, you could say that, i'm a movie-lover.