Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween is approaching ... or is it Castanyada for you?

Halloween has become a traditional celebration here in our country, too. People wear costumes and have fancy dress parties or they have a horror film marathon, children go trick or treating to their neighbours' house, some families have pumpkin cake, there are popular parties in different cities, towns and villages... Even Port Aventura organizes a Halloween weekend!!

Is this "Americanization" good or bad? Are we betraying our own culture or are we just making it more diverse, and so, richer? Which of the two celebrations do you prefer at heart? Can you share with us why?


  1. Hello everyone!

    First, I think that the two celebrations are valid. Its important keep the traditions of each country, although not necessarily need neglecting any of the two options...

    Secondly, I think it is very interesting that Portaventura organizes a month related to Halloween because it is a way to attract tourism off season and generate profits.

    Finally, I think everyone has right to celebrate this date of the way that wants.

  2. Hi!
    First I think that everytime the Halloween is more present here, but some people still celebrate Castanyada.
    I don't think that Halloween is a bad thing, it's just different, it focuses on fear, terror, ghosts, pumpkins ...
    Secondly, we aren't betraying our culture, but today you anywhere you go see the Halloween, so we live it, want it or not.
    Of the two celebrations which will not stay, because I have good memories of them.
    For example at school we have almost always celebrated more Halloween, making tunnels of terror, watching videos of terror... However at home with my parents, celebrated Castanyada, we saw a movie and eating chestnuts and "panallets" relaxed.
    There fore wouldn't know which to choose.
    In summary, each person and each family, celebrated more one thing, but that is clear is that every time celebrates Halloweeen in more sites.

  3. Hi!

    First I want to say that I like more halloween than castanyada.
    In my opinion castanyada it's a boring party.
    I prefer halloween, becouse it's more fun to past with friends. If you have a halloween party with friends you can enjoy more than if you have a castanyada's party.
    Every year I celebrate halloween with friends and we past a very good time together.
    We dressed up of something scary and we're scaring people in the street, it's very fun.

    I prefer halloween but I respect people than prefer castanyada.
    In my opinion, castanyada it's a party to celebrate with family.

  4. Well, firstly, In my opinion, this "Americanization" isn't a bad thing. I know that it's important to conservate country cultures, but I think that it's important to diversify the traditions and to include some new ideas in each culture too. If we limit the cultures, they will stagnate and finally, they will disappear.
    Also, I reckon that catalan costums and traditions are sometimes boring. I like a lot of them, like "Tió" or "Dijous Gras", but castanyada isn't much enjoyable. "Panellets" are a good invention, I recognize that. But personally, I prefer celebrating Halloween, because it is very funny! I love decorating my house with spiders and cobwebs, ghosts, witches and skeletons, and I really enjoy jokes and scares.
    Finally, I just want to say that everyone can try what he want to celebrate. It's a free election, and all of the options are correct. The important thing of special days is to have a good time; it doesn't matter the way you have it.

  5. Hi,
    In my point of view, all traditions and cultural celebrations are good, and it's positive if we celebrate it, but it's good to celebrate other new celebrations, no matter where they come. I think is important to renovate all cultures because if we don't diversify our habits they will die.
    Also I know Halloween is a new tradition that people like, but I think has been implanted by shops and business to make more money. Although I think this, I prefer the Halloween party, because it's more funny than Castanyada, and I don't like chesnuts.
    In conclusion, everybody can have fun with the celebration that he prefer.

  6. Hello,
    First of all I don't celebrate neither of them .
    Both celebrations are bored. I think is not necessary to celebrate them.
    Halloween is an Irish party, but why is celebrate here too? I think it's Because if it's celebrated in the USA it's cool and funny for the people but if «castanyada» is a typical Catalan celebration, nobody like it. In my opinion the Halloween's clothes, pumpkins, spiders... are ridiculous and unnecessary to remember the death people.
    About the «Castanyada» the only interesting thing are the «panallets», however I don't like the chestnuts.
    About the Port Aventura's Halloween I think that it's only a strategy to make money. If the people like it, they will paid for it.

  7. Hi!
    Honestly, I prefer the traditions of our home, "la Castanyada" is one of them. The panellets or chestnuts, are products that are consumed at these parties, but it' s also true that I don't think that is incompatible could enjoy other parties diferent than our own. Halloween is a fun party for spending these days and full of customs that ours doesn't have, such as calling the houses, candy, fancy dresses ... Anyway, if I were to choose one of the traditions, very sure, ours, the Catalan. Also, the panellets of pine nut, are very good! Summarizing, traditions together aren't bad, but I like to enjoy the celebration of here.

  8. Hey!

    First of all I think that Halloween maybe it's a tradition which has become more popular in kids and teenager because the things like dress up, sweets and scare people seem more interesting. And I recognize that I prefer Halloween than “Castanyada” because I really like American customs and the sweets. And I usually celebrate more Halloween, with friends and family and I have a great time.
    Even so I find so good, keep the traditional celebration such as “Castanyada”. In my opinion the best thing of this party is “panallets”, I like them but I really can't eat chestnuts I feel so bad only trying to eat one!
    In conclusion, I think that everyone can celebrate and enjoy any of these parties because all of people have a different likes and they can feel more happy celebrating one or the other.

  9. Hi!

    I honestly think that bring new events it is never bad, because it enriches culture.

    But moreover I think that every country should have their own cultures and not copy them from others. Because if you travel to another country you'll see the same culture as yours.

    I personally prefer Halloween, because I love American culture and I love the horror. But I like Castanyada too, I found it more traditional and prettier.

  10. Hi!
    In my opinion, we don't need to choose between Halloween or "la Castañada" . Both celebrations have followers and people have a good time walking down the street eating chesnuts and going in disguise.
    In all probability Halloween is like Saint Nicolas. Companies create more things to sell their products and eventually at the end that things become a tradition. That's not a bad thing, because everyone involved win, and it's an excuse for get an another high day.
    In conclusion, it doesn't matter if we choose one tradicion or another, because if you don't like one of them, you can celebrate the other one. And if someone doesn't like any of these ideas, we are in time to invent an another one.

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  12. Hi,
    first of all I want to say that I think that the two celebrations are well, but personally I like halloween more, because it is more recent and more modern and this thing like to young people.
    When we are children in the school you teach us more things about la castañera, but little by little we are praised more for halloween.
    Secondly I want to say that to bring celebrations of other countries in this case of irlanda is enough good.
    In conclusion I thing that the halloween like it to the young people.